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Represent and support Manitoba Seed Growers, working with partners, to advocate in an evolving seed system, to transfer information, develop policy and support grower advancement.

Certified Seed

High Quality Seed

Certified seed is the product of a production process designed to deliver specific plant breeding achievements to farmers and the food industry.


Canadian Pedigreed Seed

Locate seed produced in the current year of varieties eligible for sale and certified by the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association.

News & Events

Manitoba SeedLink Conference

Join us December 5-7, 2023, in Brandon, MB for the Manitoba SeedLink Conference and MSGA AGM.

About the

Committed to being a trusted source of pedigreed seed and seed knowledge for our farmer customers, The Manitoba Seed Growers’ Association works with our members to ensure excellence in seed production. Through continuing education and ongoing certification and auditing, MSGA members are helping drive excellence and create opportunities for Manitoba’s agricultural producers via certified seed use.


Seed Manitoba is an invaluable resource for producers with valuable data on agronomic, disease resistance, and quality information for all crop varieties produced in partnership with MCVET. Published annually to assist farmers in making crop varietal choices for their farming operation, the information in Seed Manitoba is derived from small plot replicated trials across Manitoba. In additional to valuable variety information, Seed Manitoba offers growers access to timely stories and resources to assist with their farm operations.

News & Events

Learn more about the latest seed news, MSGA events and industry happenings.

Find Seed

The CSGA’s Seed Locator tool can help you find an MSGA member with the certified seed you need.

Become a Grower

Are you interested in pedigreed seed production? Learn more about the steps and requirements.