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Help Us Promote #ChooseCertifiedSeed 

Canadian agriculture relies on Certified seed. Clean, pure seed means certainty for farmers and is the foundation of Canada’s reputation as a trusted global seed supplier. Choosing Certified seed means choosing quality right from the start. 

The Canadian Seed Growers Association has developed an innovative multimedia campaign to reinforce the value of Certified Seed to farmers, food processors, end users, and government. We invite you to visit 

We’ve designed a microsite, promo videos, and a variety of shareable content that communicate the value of Certified Seed and instill confidence and trust in the benefits of our national seed system. The campaign will help the ag community understand: 

  • Why identity assurance is essential in seed 
  • How Canada has one of the best third-party verification systems that protects buyers, is trusted, and provides full traceability. 
  • Our system has value through third-party standards, lab seed testing, in-field inspections, and more. All to ensure that Certified Seed offers trust, assurance and guaranteed quality that make Certified Seed different from common seed. 

Through 14 individual interview videos, we are also showcasing the dynamism and innovation of seed growers, analysts, and customers who play vital roles in the Canadian seed sector. 

The campaign is targeted at commercial farmers and end users through a combination of paid and organic social media, direct outreach, and owned and partner publications. 

We’re asking for you to help us promote this campaign across your own communications channels. We’ve provided campaign elements designed to be easily incorporated into your own digital and print publications and social media platforms. We also welcome you to like, share and promote our social media #ChooseCertifiedSeed posts. 

If you would like to support this initiative, we are open to exploring partnerships and financial contributions. 

Please feel free to reach out with questions or concerns. I look forward to working together. 


Doug Miller 
CSGA Executive Director